The Woolstore Project

The Woolstore Project


Coming over the next couple of months will be updates on The Woolstore Project.

I am going to 'steam' power The Galleries, power boxes, overhead powerlines,

and a central 6.5metre clocktower.

Keep upto date here, on what's happening.


Above is the design for the power boxes, that will simulate the supply of steam to each shop.


Above is the front view and measurements of the steam power boxes.

Forget the numbers on the side they are my workings out.


Above is a diagram showing all the overhead powerlines, that will be installed throughout

the top floor of The Woolstore Complex.


This is a new design, showing the scale of the clock tower in front of my shop, that

The Libratory is housed behind. To the right you can see a scale steam box
with stack and pipes going into the shops.
You can also see the overhead powerlines and cross beams.

Below is an album of items started already, these are the smoke stacks for the clock tower.

You can see in one of the images that there are two smaller stacks beside the larger ones,.

These smaller ones will mount in the top of the larger ones to maximise the height of the clock

tower hopefully upto the planned 6.5 metres!

I did ask the Landlord if I could install a small smoke machine into the roof of the clock tower

so the stacks work, for effects on special occasions, but she did not like the idea.

Thought I better leave that one where it is, as I would never be able to undertake this

project anywhere else!!!

Also you can see two medium sized stack tops, on the washing machine,

these are for the power boxes, as each box will have it's own smoke stack.



I decided to remove the low quality images that I had up before,

and have replaced them with these photos of the boxes being completed!

Onto the pipe work, powerline cross beams and Powerlines now!



Steam boxes installed, ready for steam pipes!!!


Stacks made for each of the Steam boxes, to be installed soon.


Sorry for the late update on the next phase,
Stacks installed onto the boxes, actual steam pipes next!!!


Back online and the Steam Pipes are ready for install!!!
Note the pipes will not go up and over the walls anymore,
due to unforseen circumstances, they will now go up and appear to go through the wall.


Stay tuned for more updates as the build continues, and things continue to take shape!!!




Things are starting to pick up pace now, less than two weeks and the overall look will be

able to be seen at The Woolstore Galleries.

End of this week, Powerline cross bars go up, powerlines up, Steam pipes in, info sheets up,

it's go, go, go for Heritage Week!!!!




Massive progress today, Steam Pipes finally installed, along with power meters on the

side of the Steam Boxes. Also Power line cross bars have been started.

Tomorrow, the cross bars get finished and powerlines go up.

The 4 'Coal sacks' that I have made are in also, 4 more to make, with the

possibility of a Coal mans cart!




Friday saw the last pieces go into place, cross bars finished, powerlines up,

powerlines down to shops and steam boxes.

Heritage Week this week and lots on, Steampunk : Tomorrow As It Used To Be

at the Forrester Art Gallery.

Oamaru : As She Should Have Been upstairs in The Woolstore Complex.

Victorian Fete on Sunday, then the Dystopian War Games Tournament next Weekend.


Make sure you pop down and check everything out!




Below is the quick story about what the boxes are for, these will be on each of

the Steam Boxes.



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