How to make a Steampunk Chimney

How to make a Steampunk Chimney

This is my second pictorial showing you yet another one of my Steampunk projects.

My next big project is going to require a chimney for the steam engine, so I decided to put my thinking cap on and I made my own.

First Start with a small off cut of PVC irrigation pipe.

Second draw out the top of the stack.

Then cut it out, and cut it off the end of the pipe, approx 50mm below the lowest point.

Insert this end into the other end of the pipe, this gives you the 'rings' around the stack.
Bolt into place to secure it.

Next using a cheap $25 2000w Heat gun from The Warehouse, bend the points back.

Note :- When heating, the plastic will bubble if the heat gun is held to close, don't worry this will be explained later.

Spray the inside of the stack matt black. Then coat the outside what ever colour metal you want.

Let these coats dry completely. Once dry, spray the matt black over the top and QUICKLY dap it off with a wet sponge.

Now I said to you before, not to worry about the bubbles in the plastic when its heated, this image below shows why.
Once you have sprayed the matt black over the bubbled plastic, it actually gives a 'soot' build up effect!!!!
This last part was a complete and utter fluke, but I highly recommend taking my advise and not to sand the bubbles off.

And this Ladies and Gentlemen is how I made my Steampunk Chimney or Stack, enjoy!!!!