The Libratory Extension

The Libratory Extension

Day 1

The extension has been a few months in waiting, but has been started recently, the removal of the wardrobe was first,  it has been moved to it's new position.
The area was then cleared out, mdf lining went up, PVC piping came in, was cut and attached back to the walls. Extra piping came in,
this will eventually be painted gold and black, similar to my new weapons.


Day 2

After a hectic month I was finally able to get back into building the extension, today I did all the hadr work, I got the last of the PVC pipes in place and secured.
Finished putting the rest of the netting up and got the strips through the netting ready to Paper Mache. Fingers crossed I will be painting by the weekend!!!

Above is the new archway created as the entry to the Armoury / Exo Leg shrine.

East wall, with the corner Gun shelf to the Right. 'Skylight' to the top of the image.

Looking West, 'Skylight' at the top. Archway to the Right.

Day 3

Paper Mache completed and pipes sprayed.

Entrance Way.

Day 4

Undercoat completed.

Day 5

Top coat done, Spot light installed and boots moved into there new home.